Tips to Help a Jealous Older Sibling.

  Before I met my husband and we had our daughter, it was just my son and me. He was the only baby. He didn’t have to share me with anyone, share his toys, his grandparents, nothing. My only concern was him and only him, so he became a big mama’s boy, and to this … Continue reading Tips to Help a Jealous Older Sibling.

Weight Loss Journey: Round 2

Hey Everyone! In one of my first blog posts ever (check it out!), I talked about my weight loss journey and how I overcame major back surgery and lost close to 50 pounds. That was a major accomplishment for me and I pride myself every day for how far I have come since giving birth … Continue reading Weight Loss Journey: Round 2

March of Dimes: March For Babies Walk

Right now, babies need all the support and help they can get. Premature birth affects about 380,000 babies here in the United States. I’m walking in March for Babies to get the message out about this unfortunate problem and you can help tremendously!  For anyone who is a mother, we know it's tough. For all of … Continue reading March of Dimes: March For Babies Walk

Valentine’s Day 2018!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Although we show love in this house every single day of the year, we make Valentine‘s Day just a teeny bit more special. Hubby and I never really go all out, we know how much we love each other, so it’s usually flowers and fruit for Mommy and something little for Daddy. … Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2018!

One Magical Day.

As you all know, my little princess turned one this past week! We had her party yesterday, and it was such an amazing time. Her magical theme was unicorns, and I can’t even begin to explain how perfect everything turned out. We had the house jam packed with family and friends, it was such an … Continue reading One Magical Day.

Mom-Shaming, How is That Even a Thing?

This is probably more of a venting post for me, but I want my opinion to be heard on this because I’ve been seeing a lot of it lately and my main question is  What’s the freakin’ point of it?!   It’s mind blowing to think that mom-shaming is actually a thing in today’s world. … Continue reading Mom-Shaming, How is That Even a Thing?