Being A Pit Bull Mom w/ Two Little Ones

So I wanted to get away from the Christmas vibes for a second and talk about my pups.

There is always so much bad news going around about babies and pit bulls together. I get it, they have a bad name, but my question is, have you ever owned one while having little ones in the house? Because mine are amazing with both of my children, so I’m not sure why everyone talks down about them. Maybe I can be wrong, and I somehow, magically got lucky with the only two good ones on the planet but who knows. I just want to express some positive information on these loving pups, and tell you my story of being a mom with pit bulls around my babies. I’m very compassionate about this subject, because I despise the fact that my babies get disrespected just because of their breed.

When I first met my husband, the two dogs were his. There’s Keo, our 8-year-old pure Blue Pit who is the most loyal and protective dog I’ve ever met, it’s amazing how smart he is. He’s always alert and knows what’s going on 24/7. Any bad vibes going on around us, he’ll be sure to make it known. Then there is Ripken, our 6-year-old rescue. I’m pretty sure he has some boxer in him, but he is our lover, he loves to cuddle and sleep. He’ll sleep right on your chest and stay there all night long as long as he’s under a blanket. He’s scared of everything under the moon, but my boy can catch a bird like it’s nothing, then bring it to you as a gift.


My son was a little over a year old when he met the dogs, and I do admit I was nervous bringing him over there. Slightly because they were “pit bulls” and all I knew at first was the stories you heard all around you, and how terrible and harmful they were with kids, but it was mainly because they were never really around young children before. I firmly believe that the only stories that news stations or other sources want to put out about dog bites involve pit bulls, because it grabs the attention of viewers the most. It just gives them another reason to keep talking bad about the breed. I’ve worked in Urgent Care facilities where people have come in for dog bites, and guess what, they weren’t pit bulls, not one! You don’t see those going around, do ya? Some of those bites were brutal too. So anyway, about a few hours into the first encounter with Kyle, I had no worries in the world, the nerves were gone. Those dogs adored him and I could tell Kyle loved them back. All they wanted to do was play with him, sit by his side, and cuddle. Not one growl or sign of aggression what so ever.

Above was the first day they met.

From that day on Kyle and the dogs were inseparable. Keo is the most protective dog towards him. When Kyle was younger, Keo would block steps to keep him from falling, he’d walk right next to him just in case he fell over, if he bumped his head he would lick him until Kyle felt better. Even with me, he doesn’t leave my side. No matter where I’m sleeping he’s right next to me. If I’m rocking the baby at night, he’s right next to the rocker. Even when I’m in the shower, he’s lying on that floor. To this day Keo never goes a minute without making sure Kyle is okay. If he’s in his room playing, he’ll make sure he runs in there every few minutes just to make sure everything is good. If Kyle is playing outside, Keo will cry until he’s out there with him or he’ll stare through the window and never look away. Just the other night, we didn’t hear Kyle crying in his room, and Keo licked my husbands face until he woke up. It’s amazing how intelligent these dogs are. Ripken is probably Kyle’s best friend. They lay together, read together, even wear clothes together (pictured below). He lets Kyle do anything to him, and he just sits there and enjoys it. Every night he’ll jump up in Kyle’s bed and want to sleep with him. He never wants to leave his side either.

Then Liliana was born. They were never around an infant before so I was little curious on how they would react. I wasn’t sure how jealous they would feel, because they were definitely used to being the babies. Before I came into my husband’s life, it was only him & the dogs. There were a few things I made sure to do before the baby came home, and it really seemed to work..

  • Play baby noises before the baby is actually here, especially a baby crying
  • Put them in the nursery a lot to get used to the scent
  • Have them smell the new baby detergent you use
  • Have someone bring a blanket home from the hospital so they can smell it before the baby arrives
  • Give them a little extra attention so nobody feels jealous, such as extra walks
  • Let them sniff the baby when they arrive
  • Never show negativity around they baby, so they see them as a positive addition. (Which of course they are!)

When she first came home they absolutely loved her, and still do as she grows. Honestly Keo was scared to go around her at first. She was so little and fragile, he didn’t want to do anything to disturb her. He did start laying by her side though when she slept, and when she cried he’d go up, give her a teeny lick and walk away. Ripken was all about her when she came home. He always wanted to kiss her or lay his head right on her feet while I fed her. He was already the biggest cuddle bug ever, so she was someone new to lay with. These dogs wouldn’t hurt these kids, they live in their home, they are family. I don’t just have two kids, I have four.

Overall, I am a firm believer that ANY dog could potentially do harm to a child. It’s their instinct, they are dogs. They all have similarities. I’ve heard stories of someone getting bit by a dog as small as a chihuahua. You obviously never want to leave a baby alone with any dog, no matter how big or how small. You never know. I just disagree with the fact that all pit bulls are harmful, and I wanted to show a little positive outlook on the breed, because in my eyes they are amazing. They are loving, protective, compassionate dogs. They were even called Nanny dogs back in the day.. I’m pretty sure that shows something right there. My boys do not deserve to be treated bad just because of their breed. People have even walked away from me while I was walking them in my neighborhood. All these dogs would do is lick you to death. I have no regrets with raising my children around Pit Bulls, and I probably will continue for years to come.

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