Tips for Visiting Santa with the Little Ones

Hi ya’ll! I just wanted to share some tips when it comes to visiting Santa with the little ones. These are a few that I’ve learned over the years and hopefully it’ll help more mama’s out there. Feel free to comment more tips below. I could always use extra advice!


  1. Lower your expectations. A crying baby is a memory to look back on, don’t stress about it. Young ones aren’t going to understand Santa quite yet, so don’t expect “the perfect photo”. Plus, you can always embarrass them when their older with the photos.
  2. Prepare the kids. Tell them you’re visiting Santa. Maybe walk past Santa’s workshop a few times so they can check it out. Let them get the feel of it. It’ll make them more comfortable when the time comes to sit on his lap.
  3. Try to avoid them watching other kids on Santa’s lap. If they see other kids crying, it might give them more anxiety when it’s their turn. I try to refrain from having my children see other children cry on Santa’s lap. Maybe have them watch some kids who are smiling, but that’s about it.
  4. Always look “picture ready”. You never know when you’ll have to jump in with the kiddos to make them sit on Santa’s lap. You don’t want to ruin the picture with sweatpants and a mom bun 😉
  5. Put on their outfits right before they sit on Santa’s lap. This applies more for the boys. I don’t know about you, but my son could just be walking next to me and dirt would fly on his shirt. That’s my luck. So always be ready. Or at least have a jacket zipped up over them.
  6. Bring extra clothes. My son is the king of throwing up, while my daughter is the queen of blowouts at the WORST times. Usually right before daycare when I have somewhere I need to be, or right after a new outfit change. I’ve learned to carry extra clothes for them everywhere.
  7. Bring extra bows or headbands for the girls. My daughter is a professional at taking off her headband or pony tail and throwing it on the ground. For some reason she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. I don’t, so bring extra.
  8. Don’t buy the whole package. Those places are SO expensive to purchase their packages. Order one (or even the digital photo), go to Target or Walmart and copy copy copy!
  9. Have toys for while they wait. My toddler gets bored very easily. He won’t sit still for more then 30 seconds, then he starts tugging at the ropes. So, if the lines are long, be prepared by having activities. Such as coloring book or if you allow technology, a tablet.
  10. Go early in the season. The earlier you go, the less crowded it’ll be. Plus you’ll have time make Christmas cards or use the photo’s as a Christmas gift.

Overall, just enjoy the photo session! Don’t get too stressed out or worked up over the perfect photo. They are young, these are fun memories to always look back on.

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