Little White Lies We Tell Our Kids

Happy Saturday Ya’ll!

It’s no secret that us mothers tell some little white lies to our children. Sometimes it’s needed so we can avoid the tears and temper tantrums. I was out the other night and I started chatting with another mom about what us mothers fib about to keep things from our children. We were laughing for a good twenty minutes about it so I thought I’d share some to pass along. Some of these are honestly quite clever and I might start using some myself.


  • Whenever my child wants some of my drink or snack, I tell him there is coffee in it. After that, he wants nothing to do with it
  • Take a battery out of an annoyingly loud toy and tell them the toy is “taking a nap”
  • Tell them you’re going “Number 2” so you can sit in the bathroom alone for 10 extra minutes (who hasn’t done this. Fathers included!)
  • When you sneak a piece of candy and they ask what it is, tell them it’s spinach or that it’s spicy
  • When you throw away some artwork, I tell my son they are going to the garbage men to hang up in their trucks
  • When you throw away a toy and they ask where it is, tell them you sent it to Santa’s elves to fix
  • If they touch any of the ornaments on the Christmas tree, it will take away the magic and Santa won’t come
  • If their small pet dies, tell them they went to visit their animal parents
  • If they lie, a red dot shows up on their forehead that only mommy and daddy can see
  • The ice cream truck only plays music when it’s out of ice cream
  • If my kid doesn’t behave in the drive-thru he will get a Sad Meal
  • If they swallow their gum, bubbles will blow out of their butt
  • If they unbuckle their seat belt in the car it will roll over
  • If you carry them, their legs won’t grow
  • Tell them they have a long-lost brother you dropped off at a gas station because they were being too loud in the car
  • If they want to hear a song again, tell them the singer needs to rest their voice or they won’t be able to sing that song anymore
  • If they don’t eat their vegetables, their birthday won’t come
  • If they don’t sit still during a haircut, the barber will cut their ear off
  • Tell them they need to keep an eye on you at all times while in the store so you don’t get kidnapped (no more wandering for them!)
  • If they start whining, you’ll have to take them to the doctors to get a shot to dry their tears

Some of these are genius and I would have never thought of some of these myself. What are your secrets? I’d love to hear!



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