2018 New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve honestly never truly been the person to have any resolutions set for the new year. Usually, if I want to change something I try to start it right then and there. This year is a little different. I decided to write myself a list on what I’d like to change in 2018 and I want to blog about it along the way. I want to be able to come back to this post one year from now and talk about my accomplishments. I have a few ideas on what I’d like to achieve. Some are simple and a few will take a good bit of dedication, but I’m excited to give it a go, and to share my journey along the way. My husband is surprisingly joining me with creating some resolutions, so I’m lucky enough to have him by my side to support me along the way. Our kids will be fabulous motivators.



  • Save More Money. This is a very cliché resolution but it’s something I really want to do. From working full time to becoming a stay at home mom, I don’t have the income like I used too, yet my spending habits haven’t changed. Now I just use my husband’s money, which isn’t what I want to continue doing. I’d like to save that money for a getaway trip for the hubby and I each year. A well-deserved vacation to an island once a year is definitely something on our bucket list.


  • Control My Anxiety. I am guilty of always thinking the worst of a situation. I overreact over small mishaps and usually take it out on my husband. I’m terrible at “talking things out” when an issue arises. I skip the talking and go straight to anger and yelling. No matter how small the matter, my anxiety shoots through the roof and I never give myself time to think of a solution. I’d really like to work on staying calm and figuring out a solution for something because giving up.


  • Get More Organized. With two kids and toys starting to pile up, I have things everywhere. Kyle has random toys laying in boxes that I don’t even know what they belong to. Liliana has clothes still hanging up from when she was a newborn. It’s just piling up and I need to sort it all out. Pinterest is going to be my life saver for this resolution. I’m going to experiment with tons of organization hacks to do around my home. I’m sure I’ll be excited to share a few of these. I’d also like to partake in a few yard sales. It’s a good way to earn a few extra dollars and declutter my home.


  • Have More Patience. This is mainly when it comes to my children. I tend to lose my patience very quickly when it comes to motherhood. I overwhelm myself, huff and puff, or storm out of the room. I tend to think their minds are just like mine, but I need to remind myself that they are young. They don’t know what patience is yet. I want to find ways to calm my patience and teach my children the meaning of it also.


  • Plan More Activities. Now that I am home with my kids a lot more often. I’m going to create a weekly agenda of crafts to make, inexpensive trips to take, creating learning activities, etc. Liliana won’t be in child care, so I am going to be her main source of education until she starts Kindergarten. Luckily, she has her brother who is extremely intelligent to guide her along they way. She is a smart girl also, so I know she won’t have any problems learning with Mama.


  • Change Up My Fitness Routine. I am completely satisfied with my workout routine I’ve been using. I have made an unbelievable change since I’ve started and I continue to better myself each day, but I tend to hit a plateau at times which discourages me. I’d really like to try something new, maybe a keto diet or incorporating more weights into my routine, who knows! I’d really like to gain muscle and tone my body more. I’m excited for this one, I really enjoy sharing my weight loss progress and motivating others.


  • Learn Photography. I am the queen of taking photos. It’s a hobby that I really enjoy, but I want to expand it further then just using my iPhone lens. I do have a Nikon at home, and I’m going to start educating myself on photography and how to take stunning photographs.


Of course, you can’t leave out of the obvious resolutions; drink more water, get more sleep, relax more. I’ll certainly be keeping those in mind also. I’m not only making resolutions for myself, but for my kids also. My well being impacts them, and if I feel like I’m not being the best Mom I can possibly be then I’ll change what I need to so I can get there. This is going to be a good year for Cunningham family. We’ve overcame a lot this year, and of course brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. I’m not sure if we can top that, but we’re going to try our best!



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