Date Your Spouse, Inexpensively!

My husband and I have a fantastic relationship, but we are terrible when it comes to date night. We usually choose the same old restaurant, have a few drinks, and usually eat the same foods. Every time we end up spending more than we intended. So, this year we’re going to try some new and less expensive dates to go on and still have a blast without emptying our wallet. I’m hoping to conquer every date on this list and then some. What’s better than having a blast with your spouse and not spending a fortune!?


  1. Make A Dinner Together. Let the kids have a night at their grandparents and you two stay in. Think of a delicious meal to make, cook it together and enjoy!
  2. Camp Out. Hubby and I love to camp. We were so close to buying a camper last summer because we loved it so much. Go pitch a tent at a local camp ground and spend the evening together sitting by the fire and drinking your favorite drinks.
  3. Go To A Winery/Brewery. For our first anniversary, we went to a brewery in Hershey PA. $5 bought us a tour of the brewery, a free beer, and plenty of beer samples during the tour. It was a blast.
  4. Have A Picnic In The Park. Make up some sandwiches and a few sides and head to a local park to eat and just talk about your day.
  5. Take A Fitness Class. Hubby and I are both into fitness, so taking a fitness class such as kick boxing is the perfect date! Break a sweat, laugh, and feel so great after.
  6. Visit A Farmers Market. Go to a local market and see what they have and taste some free samples. There so many around where I live, so I’m excited for this!
  7. Attempt To Set A World Record. If you’re the competitive type like I am, this would be an awesome time. Rent the Guinness Book of World Records, and find some good ones to beat.
  8. Volunteer Somewhere. If you’re a lover of animals, help at your local shelter! Just leave your wallet in the car, so you don’t come home with 3 new puppies 😉
  9. Play A Sport… Loser Cleans The House. Basketball, baseball, soccer, whatever. Go to a local park and play a few rounds. Loser must do all the chores that night.
  10. Visit A Random Town. Find a local town around you that you both haven’t been too and visit it. See what different stores they have and browse around.
  11. Binge Watch A Television Show. This is ideal for me. Put on some sweatpants, snuggle in bed and binge watch Netflix for a few hours.
  12. Get Lost. Find some random back roads around you. Drive a bunch, and don’t use GPS to find your way back. Here’s an idea, grab a penny. Heads means right and tails means left. Every time you hit a stop sign or red light flip the penny and turn that way.
  13. Nerf War. My husband would love this! Go buy some cheap nerf guns, hide all around the house and have a nerd gun fight.
  14. Go To A Home Depot Workshop. They always have free “How-To” classes, look up your local Home Depot and see what they have coming up!
  15. Go To An Arcade. Bring out your inner child and go to an arcade and play some games together.
  16. Play Dirty Scrabble. Just like regular scrabble, but you can only use dirty words 😉
  17. Go Fishing. Visit a local lake and catch some fish. Whoever catches the biggest wins.
  18. Create A Bucket List. Write down everything you want to do in your lifetime, then make a promise to conquer them all.
  19. Go To Open Houses. Find a bunch of open houses in your area and go to them all. Eat their goodies, look around, and leave!
  20. Truth Or Dare Jenga. Buy regular Jenga, split the blocks and write different questions and dares on there for each other. Whoever knocks down the blocks must clean the house.
  21. Stargaze. Hop in the car, go to a dark field and see if you can find all the constellations in the sky.
  22. Work On A DIY Project. Make a piece of furniture for the house together out of some cheap wood and paint it. Maybe like a coffee table, or some new shelving.
  23. Go Fruit Picking. Whichever season it is go apple, peach, or strawberry picking! It’s cheap, fun, and delicious!
  24. Make Drinks For Each Other. Look up cocktail recipes and make a drink for each other. There’s so many to choose from, so get creative!
  25. Go Thrift Shopping. Go in with $5 each and whoever comes out with the best find wins.


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