Gymnastics and Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip-It Active

My daughter is taking after her mama and has started gymnastics. I honestly don’t know who’s more excited about it, her or I. All I know is that she absolutely loves it. While we aren’t quite at the strict structured stage yet…watching her run, jump, and swing all over the place makes my heart melt. I’m really enjoying watching her grow and take interest in hobbies that I used to love myself.

We travel 40 minutes away to Hanover Gymnastics and it is worth the drive. The coaching staff, the kids, the parents are all so kind and inviting. They get to know the children personally and greet them at every practice. They sing songs, play music, and just enjoy the children while they play.

I’ve always grown up playing sports and being super active. I don’t want all the electronics of this generation to rule out that option for my children, so I’ve done my pushing to putting them into sports early and I don’t regret it at all. Keeping them active is a big goal of mine throughout their childhood.

One thing I know for sure is that my daughter is exhausted afterwards. It’s the perfect way to get her to nap which makes me one happy mama. After all that running, jumping and swinging I don’t blame her for being sweaty and thirsty. I’m totally okay with the sweaty hugs when the class is over because she has a blast.

When it comes to thirst, we bring our ‘gymnastics’ cup. It’s one cup she takes along with her to each practice, so she doesn’t get confused. It’s the Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip-It Active. She loves it. She enjoys the cute girly design (don’t worry young men, there’s more colors for you!), it’s the perfect size of only 12oz (360ml) and it’s great for the active kids on the go.

There is a hygienic cap that keeps the straw clean, because we all know how little ones like to toss their cups everywhere. The silicone band is easy for gripping and it won’t spill when the cap it closed. It’s BPA free and made from tough, durable tritan plastic from eastman.

We have been receiving compliments on how cute the cup design is. Another favorite of mine is the straw. I love how it’s bent for easy drinking! It is helping my daughter drink with the cup down since she has been so used to lifting cups and bottles to drink. It is working for sure. As she would say, it’s “easy peasy”.

I do know that this will be a go to cup when it comes to sports activities. It has been my favorite so far.

You can find these cups on Amazon and Nuby.Com.

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*I received this product from Nuby as a review, but all opinions are entirely my own*

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