The Perfect Outfit Accessory for Any Occasion: JORD Watches + GIVEAWAY!

I have always loved accessorizing my wrists with jewelry. Lately, my go to watch has been my fitness watch, until I was introduced to JORD wooden watches. I’m a fitness guru, so getting me out of my fitness watch is rare. JORD has become my new favorite accessory. JORD Watches are unique wooden watches for … Continue reading The Perfect Outfit Accessory for Any Occasion: JORD Watches + GIVEAWAY!

Big Mac Salad

Happy Monday! So I know this recipe sounds a little odd, but my goodness is it delicious! When I was pregnant I always craved Big Mac’s from McDonalds. So, I found this healthier version and just had to make it! (Don’t worry no baby number three, yet!) I was really surprised with how similar this … Continue reading Big Mac Salad

What I’ve Learned From Becoming a Mother

When I became a mother, my entire life changed. During my first pregnancy I thought motherhood would be a breeze. I thought I knew it all and I was one hundred percent prepared. “I read the baby books, I’m good” Yeah… nope. I wasn’t good. I learned so much once my son was born, and … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From Becoming a Mother

You’re Not a Bad Mom, It’s Just a Bad Day.

They last few weeks my daughter hasn’t been sleeping like she usually does. Teething is the devil. She’s extremely cranky, the house is mess because she wants to cling to me, and I can tell my son is feeling a little jealous because I’ve been trying to handle her being glued to my hip which … Continue reading You’re Not a Bad Mom, It’s Just a Bad Day.

My Self-Care Routine

Happy Monday Ya’ll!   One thing I’ve learned when I became a stay at home mom is that self-care is important. Trying to raise two tiny humans is hard and my anxiety skyrockets multiple times a day. I constantly get the fear that I’m not doing a good enough job raising my children because of … Continue reading My Self-Care Routine

Liliana’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Happy Sunday! As you all know, my little princess is turning the big ONE the beginning of February. So of course, we got some first birthday photos taken. Her theme for her first birthday party and photos is unicorns. Words can’t even express how in LOVE I am with these photographs. When I got her … Continue reading Liliana’s First Birthday Photoshoot

Healthy Egg Salad

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today I got this random craving for some egg salad. So I decided to whip together a healthy version to eat for lunch these next few days. I love simple and quick recipes and this is definitely one of those. It was baby approved too from my 11 month old! Ingredients: 8 … Continue reading Healthy Egg Salad