To Our Daughter

Happy First Birthday Liliana Marie!


One year ago today, at six pounds fifteen ounces you entered our world. I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. You have brought us so much joy and laughter that we will forever cherish. Everyone who has met you has fallen in love with your happy, loving personality. Your smile is perfection, and blue eyes so contagious, everyone always stops to admire you. You have grown into one smart and hilarious little princess. You may be petite but you conquer anything that comes your way full force with no hesitation. You are one strong, hardheaded child and I think you get that from me, or maybe your father because we are both very head strong.


When you were born, I was so scared, more scared then having your brother. I was bringing a little girl into this world. You seemed so much more fragile then your brother and I wanted to protect you from everything negative in this world. And I knew if you became anything like me or your father, we’re going to have a run for our money. We got a double whammy with that one, and you already keep us on our toes. You never want to miss a thing. You are on the go constantly and always refuse to sleep. You keep up with your four year old brother as if you were his age. You never fail to amaze your father and I.

You have a heart of gold. You’ll go to anyone and smile every minute of it. You always make sure to stand in the grocery cart so you can say “Hi” to everyone you pass. You’re always blowing kisses, snuggling, and hugging everyone around you. You make my heart melt daily and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter daughter. And with the sweetness, we of course get your sassy side also. If something doesn’t go your way, we know it. If you can’t figure out something on your own, we see the attitude. I guess we can say you get that from Mommy, I’ll own up to it.

It’s amazing to see how much you have changed in just one year. Watching you learn and explore the world around you. Watching your brain work and figure things out on your own. It’s one of the best sights I’ve ever witnessed. It’s such a blessing and I could go on forever listing what I love about you. The excitement you get when daddy gets home from work each day, the way you share with your brother, the way you play with both of our hair while I rock you to sleep at night, and the list goes on and on. You are truly the best daughter.


And today you are one… ONE! How?! You are no longer my little teeny baby girl. You’re now a smart, sassy, but still teeny toddler. I don’t want to believe it, but I am so proud of all the milestones you have accomplished in this first year of life. You are up to 8 teeth, you can say a ton of words, you’re standing on your own but of course are too stubborn to walk because you know crawling will get you where you want to go faster. You’re already arguing with me by saying “dada” every time I try to get you to say “mama”. You love to be center of attention, and you will scream until someone looks your way. You make us laugh every single day with your silly sounds and goofy faces.

Mommy, daddy, and big brother wish you the happiest first birthday ever! I hope the next few years slow down because I am currently shedding a tear as I type this post. You are our little ball of sunshine, and I’m so excited to see what these upcoming years have in store for you. We are so excited for your unicorn party on Saturday and your delicious birthday dinner tonight! We hope this is the best first birthday for our little princess. We love you Liliana Marie.


My First Born is Four!

And just like that, four years flew by in the blink of an eye. You guys, my first born is FOUR! 😩 Before I know it he’ll be a teenager.

Today we are going to brunch with Santa at a place called Long Beach Oyster House in Maryland to celebrate. It’s all you can eat for kids & they get to see Santa. For the adults, all you can eat AND all you can drink bloody mary’s & mimosa’s. It’s a kid win and parent win! The whole family is coming so it’s going to be a good time, I’m really excited!

Yesterday was his party and we had a blast! Just like most little boys right now, his party was Paw Patrol. We had it at a small restaurant called Bogey Mccaws. I booked a private room and it had an arcade & “Ball-O-City” for the kids (it’s pretty much a huge play area with a crap ton of soft foams balls, it’s pretty neat). The kids had so much fun and I’m pretty sure the adults enjoyed the arcade just as much as the kids. Kyle had all of his friends and cousins there to celebrate. His face was lit up the entire time, and that’s all that matters, if he had fun, I had fun.

Even Lilly had a blast celebrating her brother. My girl was knocked out last evening.

When it comes to my kids, I want everything perfect and just the way they want it… Ok… maybe just the way I want it ;). To be honest, they just want presents, cake, and to play with their friends. It’s us mom’s who want all extravagant decorations and cakes. Is it me or did the party planning become so much more intense from when I was kid!? What happened to McDonalds parties with a happy meal, cake, and a play place. Mom’s now a days pay hundreds on cakes that just get eaten anyway and decorations that get torn down in a few hours. Trust me, I am totally one of those mom’s, but the anxiety and the hole in my wallet makes me not want to be one!

The past three years, I went all out for his parties. Just to see the money I spent go in the trash. This year I didn’t, I bought a small amount of decorations and spent a little bit more on where the location of the party was and it was SO much more fun. The kids played in the arcade, ate a bunch of pizza and cake while the adults got drinks from the bar and had fun themselves. It was a win for everyone!<<<
One of the most rewarding things about being a mom is watching your babies grow into amazing people. My son never fails to make me proud. He is one of the most intelligent kids I’ve ever met, he could spend hours building different vehicles with legos, or creating towers with blocks. The ideas he comes up with are so creative, it amazes every time. He also has that sensitive “Mama’s Boy” side then I can’t get enough of. Yes, sometimes it’s too much when he starts the whining, but I’m damn sure I’m going to miss it when he’s older. You just have to cherish every moment before our little humans turn into grown adults.

Happy fourth birthday Kyle. We love you to the moon & back. Time to enjoy a fun day ❤️

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