Valentine’s Day 2018!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although we show love in this house every single day of the year, we make Valentine‘s Day just a teeny bit more special. Hubby and I never really go all out, we know how much we love each other, so it’s usually flowers and fruit for Mommy and something little for Daddy. Kyle usually picks out something beer related, which of course happened again this year, lol. The kids picked him out a frosted mug for the summer time.

This year we’re both fighting off a bunch of sickness, so our Valentine’s Day dinner will most likely be soups. We’re totally okay with that. Getting dressed up and going to a nice dinner isn’t quite our thing. 

The kiddo’s got their little goodies which usually includes a small stuffed animal, a little bit of chocolate, and some small knick knacks. We never get too extravagant with gifts on smaller holidays. Christmas is when we usually go all out. Kyle and I also prepared his Valentine’s cards for Preschool last night. Paw Patrol of course. He’s super excited to hand them out, he loves giving to his friends in school.

One thing I did decide to do this year was get the kids some Valentine’s Day photos done. Once I saw how much my little girl loved being in front of the camera, I had to do it! She just comes to life and shows that personality like no tomorrow. I love it! Kyle on the other hand gets a little shy, but I am so proud of how well he did and how good he was with his sister during the session. Another huge shout out to Taylor Mrozinski Photography. You capture my children so wonderfully, I can’t ever thank you enough!

Here they are, my beautiful, spunky, crazy little babies. Of course Liliana needed a shirt to let all the boys know she’s never allowed to date, ever. I can’t wait for the first day a boy gives her a Valentine’s Day gift. Daddy is going to be all over that situation. I can see him now, sitting on his Harley, trying to scare the crap out of this poor young boy. Bless her heart, she’s in for some fun with him, lol.

Aren’t they just the cutest! I’m so over the moon with how these photo’s turned out. I have some happy, loving children.

Now go share the love, and sprinkle that kindness to everyone you see today!



You’re Not a Bad Mom, It’s Just a Bad Day.

They last few weeks my daughter hasn’t been sleeping like she usually does. Teething is the devil. She’s extremely cranky, the house is mess because she wants to cling to me, and I can tell my son is feeling a little jealous because I’ve been trying to handle her being glued to my hip which cuts my play time with him in half. No matter how many times I try to let him know that since Liliana isn’t a big kid like he is, and that she needs mommy’s help a little more, he still gets upset.


While trying to tend to my children’s needs, I often feel like I’m failing as a mother to both of my little ones. With Kyle, it’s feeling like I’m not spending enough time with him and having our one or one bonding time. With Liliana, it’s not being able to take away her pain and getting her back to her normal self. My son’s favorite words right now are “well nobody wants to play with me”, all while Liliana is screaming her head off because I put her down to try and accomplish some household chores. It rips my heart apart. Words can’t even begin to describe the guilt I feel while trying to clean and not playing with my kids. There is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. It’s a daily struggle to get everything that I want completed along with tending to every need of my children.

Another thing that brings the ‘bad mom’ feelings out is disciplining my children. This is probably why my husband complains to me for always making him feel like the bad guy, or why my children don’t listen to me as well as they do him. Mommy lets them get away with A LOT. Don’t get me wrong, I yell at and discipline my kids constantly but that doesn’t mean it makes me feel complete crap afterwards. I am a full supporter of discipline. My children will not be raised without manners, but damn does it make my heart hurt. My children will never see that part of me though, the part where I feel bad doing it. I always stay strong in front of them. I must say though, something about that deep, masculine voice of my husband that makes the kids listen the first time around, is music to my ears.

Some nights I break down, shed a few tears. I talk to my husband about it and he reassures me that I’m doing a great job. Sometimes I even struggle to get to sleep at night because I question if I’m spending enough time with my kids. The last thing I want to do is let them down. As much as I want to spend every waking minute playing with them, a dirty house is often a trigger to get my anxiety to escalate.  When my house isn’t clean, it makes me feel unaccomplished and guilty that I’m not fulfilling my duties of being a stay at home mom. My husband works his butt off all day to give me this amazing life, the least I can do is keep our house clean. Also, anytime that my children act inappropriately while out in public or even at home, gets me going too. The last thing I want to do is look like I don’t know how to raise my kiddos.

After these past few weeks, I’ve came to realize that I am far from a bad mom. This is what motherhood is about. If anything has taught be to be strong it’s becoming a mother. Trying to manage time between chores and two kids is a task, but we always seem to figure out. Yelling at them might be difficult now, but I know I won’t regret it when they are older. Ever since I’ve gotten into blogging, reading other mom blogs and learning about their daily lives has made me realize we are all the same. We all go through this craziness, and even though every child is different and every mother’s way of disciplining is different, we deal with the same struggles of motherhood. None of us are alone.

My little boy always goes to bed at night saying he loves me so much, and my daughter smiles at me every night when I rock her to sleep. Raising them is difficult, but worth every minute of the bad days we always seem to overcome.

Always remember, you are not a bad mom. It’s just a bad day. We have all been there, and you’re doing an amazing job!




Family Goals For 2018 That Everyone Can Achieve

Happy New Year Everyone!


Not to long along, I posted about New Year’s resolutions for myself. Well, last night as I was watching the ball drop on the television, I thought why not set some family goals for the new year too. Family goals don’t have to be difficult, they can be simple and I feel they are even more powerful then self-goals because you are holding each other accountable, and motivating each other to achieve these goals as a team. This is a fantastic way for us bond as a family and although Liliana is still young, I’m hoping it will teach Kyle (and eventually Lilly) some valuable lessons in life.

I am setting daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals for 2018. Time goes by too quickly and my kids are growing faster than ever. I’d hate to waste quality time with them, and I’d also hate for them to grow up lacking responsibility. Empty nesters nailed it when they said your kids grow too quickly. I want to make the most of this upcoming year. I get my kids are quite young, but I believe responsibility and quality time with family needs to be taught at a young age. So, who’s with me? Let’s set some goals 🙂



  • Be On Time
  • Pack Healthier Lunches
  • Nightly Story Time For The Kids
  • Create Daily Chores
  • Get To Bed At A Decent Time
  • Set Clothes Out Nightly
  • Talk About Our Day
  • Get Outside (Weather Permitting for us Northerners)
  • Pray Before Dinner
  • Drink More Water (Less Juice & Tea For The Kids & Hubby)
  • Tell A Daily Joke


  • Take a Family Walk/Hike (Again, Weather Permitting)
  • Eat Dinner Together
  • Eat Breakfast Together On Saturdays
  • Weekly Chores With Allowance
  • Game Night
  • Have Kids Help With Putting Away Groceries
  • Put Down Devices (Just One Night! No Electronics, Just Family Time)
  • Talk About How Our Week Went
  • Visit Grandparents
  • Mother/Son & Daddy/Daughter Date Day


  • Save For Something Fun Outside Of The House (Dinner, Bowling, Arcade, Etc)
  • Try A New Recipe Each Month (My Son Is Such A Picky Eater!)
  • Have The Kids Help Me Make Dinner
  • Go Out With Grandparents/Family
  • Spend The Night In A Hotel (Maybe Every Few Months)
  • Buy A New Book To Read
  • Get A New Toy (If Chores Are Completed)
  • Organize Our Bedrooms


  • Save For Our Family Vacation
  • Donate Old Toys/Clothes
  • Host A Family Party
  • Start A New Tradition
  • Volunteer Somewhere
  • Create An Emergency Plan
  • Clean Out Our Closets
  • Visit A New Place
  • Take A Family Photo
  • Visit An Indoor Water Park In The Winter
  • Visit An Amusement Park In The Summer

I’m truly excited to incorporate these goals into our daily routines and create some responsibility for the little ones, but also to reward them in exciting ways. Have you set any family goals for 2018? I’d love to hear in the comments below!