April Goals.

Happy April Everyone!



So, as I did for March I am going to set some monthly goals for April. I am really starting to enjoy setting these short-term goals. They seem more achievable than when I would set a long-term goal.

With it being a new month, I’m here again to set my monthly goals for April! But first let’s recap. I want to go back to my March goals and see what I accomplished.

Get Liliana To Walk. Still a no go. But closer! She’s just about there! I give it a week or two and she’ll be all over the place.

Create an Easter Craft with the Kids. Check! Instead of a craft, we made Easter treats! We made Easter Bunny Cake Pops and Spring Flower Chocolate Pretzels. Both were super delicious!

Date Night with my Hubby. We were able to get out more than just once this month! I was so happy to have one on one time with my husband. It was well overdue. We needed it.

Mother and Son Date. We couldn’t accomplish this last month. With my husband working, and other personal conflicts going on, we did fun activities but it was with both kiddos, not just mama and son. He has spent a lot of bonding time with my hubby lately though!

Get Outside. We’ve still had cold weather, all throughout March. Even a snow storm. But, the nice days we did have we got outside. So, I’ll say this one was completed!

Explore New Recipes. I didn’t get to try as many new recipes as I would have liked, but we still tried a couple. So, I’ll say this was half completed!

March was a good one!


Let’s get into April.

I’m hoping the weather is nicer this month so some of these goals can be accomplished! Same as last month, I want to get outside.

Start a Garden. I want to spruce up my front lawn and add a flower garden. My mom bought me a Lily flower for Easter, so I’d like to get the mulch down and start off by planting that flower and going from there.

Grow My Own Vegetables. The hubs and I have been wanting to do this for a while. We love our veggies, and we really want to start our own garden in the back yard. We just never had the time. Now that I stay home, I think I can manage a veggie garden.

Add More Cardio into My Workout. With the weather warming up, I’m ready to get the little one and I out on our daily walks while my son is in pre-school, but as for now we brought our stationary bike upstairs and so far, so good with incorporating some cardio into my workout routine. I’m really enjoying it.

Open the House and Clean. Weather permitting, I really want to get the windows and doors open in the house and clean for hours. Crazy, right?! Get all the dirt and dust out of there, along with our millions of germs we’ve have cooped up in the house from all our illnesses.

Save Money for Vacation. Although vacation is in August, I want to start saving now. Just so we’ll have some extra money for the kids, alcohol, and groceries when we are down there and not having to worry about spending too much.

Clean Out the Kids Dressers/Closets. Out with the winter clothes, in with the spring. The amount of clothes my children have is unreal. I want to go through it all, find out what no longer fits and pack them away so I can fit their new clothes in there.

Does anyone else set monthly goals? I’d love to hear what you have going on in April!




March Goals


Hey Everyone!

So I decided each month I’m going to share a post about monthly goals. I used to always set long term goals, which were achievable but sometimes I felt like I was falling short of accomplishing them. So, here we are with some short term monthly goals! I think this will be fun and at the end of the month I’ll share what has been accomplished and what hasn’t been. They can vary some self care to time with the kids. I’m really excited to give this a try.

Get Liliana To Walk. My girl does not want to walk! She knows that crawling gets her around faster so I’m pretty sure she feels no need to walk. She’ll be 13 months on the 10th and I’m hoping by the end of the month we can get her little butt walking! This is my number one goal!

Create an Easter Craft with the Kids. Easter is April 1st this year, so I really want to do a craft with the kids besides just dying eggs. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but I want something sentimental that can be kept until they are older.

Date Night with my Hubby. We have been so busy lately and with the stomach viruses, colds, and sinus infections that we’ve been passing around all of February, I think we’re due for a date night. Just dinner or a movie, and mama is happy.

Mother and Son Date. I want a night or two with my oldest baby. I’ve been focused on his sister a lot this month with her teething and illnesses. She has been super clingy and whiny so my time with my boy has been a little neglected. So we’re due for a date! Maybe to an arcade or somewhere fun.

Get Outside. With it becoming slightly warmer lately, I want to get the kiddos and I outside more. Even if it’s just a short walk, I feel we’ve been cooped up in this house for way to long! We’re ready to break free and have some outside fun! I think a picnic will be happening also. You definitely feel like you’re in the house more when you’re a SAHM.

Explore New Recipes. I want to explore different recipes and share them. Preferably more healthier recipes since I’m working on being a fit mama. I want to explore foods that I haven’t tried before. Give my taste buds something new to try! If you have some delicious recipes, send them my way!

Do you have any March goals? I’d love to hear! I’m excited to give these goals a try and see how well I can accomplish them! So here we go!



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Family Goals For 2018 That Everyone Can Achieve

Happy New Year Everyone!


Not to long along, I posted about New Year’s resolutions for myself. Well, last night as I was watching the ball drop on the television, I thought why not set some family goals for the new year too. Family goals don’t have to be difficult, they can be simple and I feel they are even more powerful then self-goals because you are holding each other accountable, and motivating each other to achieve these goals as a team. This is a fantastic way for us bond as a family and although Liliana is still young, I’m hoping it will teach Kyle (and eventually Lilly) some valuable lessons in life.

I am setting daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly goals for 2018. Time goes by too quickly and my kids are growing faster than ever. I’d hate to waste quality time with them, and I’d also hate for them to grow up lacking responsibility. Empty nesters nailed it when they said your kids grow too quickly. I want to make the most of this upcoming year. I get my kids are quite young, but I believe responsibility and quality time with family needs to be taught at a young age. So, who’s with me? Let’s set some goals 🙂



  • Be On Time
  • Pack Healthier Lunches
  • Nightly Story Time For The Kids
  • Create Daily Chores
  • Get To Bed At A Decent Time
  • Set Clothes Out Nightly
  • Talk About Our Day
  • Get Outside (Weather Permitting for us Northerners)
  • Pray Before Dinner
  • Drink More Water (Less Juice & Tea For The Kids & Hubby)
  • Tell A Daily Joke


  • Take a Family Walk/Hike (Again, Weather Permitting)
  • Eat Dinner Together
  • Eat Breakfast Together On Saturdays
  • Weekly Chores With Allowance
  • Game Night
  • Have Kids Help With Putting Away Groceries
  • Put Down Devices (Just One Night! No Electronics, Just Family Time)
  • Talk About How Our Week Went
  • Visit Grandparents
  • Mother/Son & Daddy/Daughter Date Day


  • Save For Something Fun Outside Of The House (Dinner, Bowling, Arcade, Etc)
  • Try A New Recipe Each Month (My Son Is Such A Picky Eater!)
  • Have The Kids Help Me Make Dinner
  • Go Out With Grandparents/Family
  • Spend The Night In A Hotel (Maybe Every Few Months)
  • Buy A New Book To Read
  • Get A New Toy (If Chores Are Completed)
  • Organize Our Bedrooms


  • Save For Our Family Vacation
  • Donate Old Toys/Clothes
  • Host A Family Party
  • Start A New Tradition
  • Volunteer Somewhere
  • Create An Emergency Plan
  • Clean Out Our Closets
  • Visit A New Place
  • Take A Family Photo
  • Visit An Indoor Water Park In The Winter
  • Visit An Amusement Park In The Summer

I’m truly excited to incorporate these goals into our daily routines and create some responsibility for the little ones, but also to reward them in exciting ways. Have you set any family goals for 2018? I’d love to hear in the comments below!