Christmas Magic

Hey Ya’ll!

Christmas is right around the corner and I wanted to write a quick post about our evening last night at Christmas Magic. This is our third year going and it never fails to amaze. If you live near central Pennsylvania (or like to travel), this is a magical place to visit! It’s located at Rocky Ridge County Park in York Pennsylvania. It runs from November 24th – December 30th and runs 7 days a week.

Upon arriving, there are numerous light displays on your drive to park. You drive under a sign and through light tunnels. My son really seemed to enjoy it. Plus is took away some of wait time to park.

Admission was $10 for adults and $5 for children 4 and older. After paying they provided you with 3D snowflake glasses which my son enjoyed because every light looked as if it were a snowflake. The lights run along an outside trail about a mile or so long with stops in between where you can warm up next to a fire and see displays in the warmth. There is also a building with snacks and hot chocolate if you or the kiddos get hungry.

There is a large train garden display for little ones who love trains (like my son). It’s nicely done and it’s my sons favorite part every year. He could sit in there and watch them run for hours. They also decorate it with a lot of children cartoon characters so the kids love it!

Let’s not forget at the end.. Santa! The kids are able to sit on a sleigh with Santa and of course tell them what they want for Christmas while us mama’s snap photo’s! There is also a display outside where you can take family photo’s.


This is truly a place for all ages. Young or old. The display of lights is phenomenal and will definitely put you in the holiday spirit. This could be a quick walk through or you could spend the evening there. It truly made me excited for Christmas Day to be here and it’s a great time for family bonding.

Hope anyone close can make it out and enjoy it! Have a great holiday! xo