Helping Your Toddler Get to Sleep at Night: Our Personal Tips.

  If you have a toddler, like mine, who refuses to sleep because she thinks she’ll miss something, getting them to sleep can be a difficult task. The “cry it out” method is a no go in our household. My toddler will stand on the side of her crib and scream for hours until mommy […]

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Bath & Pool Fun with Nuby Bath Links

Hey Everyone! We got our hands on some Nuby Bath Links for my daughter and they are quite the hit with her! I won’t lie, even my four-year-old son enjoys playing with them. These are great for learning and having fun all at the same time. They come with an adorable starfish, crab, and turtle […]

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Learning To Read

Hi Everyone! We are at the stage where my oldest is starting to learn how to read. I am so impressed with how well he is doing for only being four years old. He is learning so much at his pre-school, I couldn’t be more thankful! But it’s not all that wonderful when we get […]

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